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Purpose :

Recent years have seen a significant increase in natural events – hurricanes, typhoons, tornadoes, tsunamis, flooding, drought, earthquakes and catastrophic fires. Indian Country has not been spared from the impact and consequences of these disasters.  The impact of such events will be felt for years to come as areas impacted attempt to recover – both physically and emotionally. 


Tribal governments, as sovereign nations, govern and manage the safety and security of their lands and community members. Many Tribal government borders cross multiple counties and States, presenting a unique challenge in planning response and recovery efforts. If a tribal community and its lands are destroyed by a disaster of any kind, it is not as if the tribal community can go somewhere else and rebuild its sacred sites. Tribes have to take control and develop the resources necessary to ensure the safety and well being of our Native communities during the recovery process.


Emergency management and disaster preparedness education is critical in hastening recovery as well as easing the mental, and physical, stress associated with getting homes, communities and lives back to normal.